Sue “Summited!”

Cartoon about lunges

I was honored to be invited to present a workshop for the Functional Aging Institute  Summit on June 5 & 6. The annual Summit was supposed to take place in Denver but had to be “virtual” this year – oh well.  The silver lining was that due to the fact that no one had to travel to attend, we had over 800 people enroll!  So great!

I asked the president of FAI what topic he thought would be most helpful to the attendees (who are fitness instructors that have the privilege of working with older adults) and he said that he gets lots of questions from  instructors about program design – how to make exercises overlap and be more versatile.  YES!  This is one of my favorite topics to present, because it allows me to combine my many years (decades, actually!) of experience and knowledge that I have accumulated in the fitness industry.

I had a blast filming two different presentations. In the first, I explained how to use an extremely logical and systematic list from the  internationally renowned Gray Institute to modify, or “tweak” any exercise.  Since most folks learn better by doing rather than just listening, I then led an instructional workout to give attendees a chance to practice these new skills.  It was fun showing instructors how to add power, balance, cardio, cognitive challenges, and lots of fun pizzazz to their basic, everyday exercises.

Who knew “Summiting “could be so entertaining!?!



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