Drinking Water May Help You To Live Longer

Here’s another Longevity tip that might surprise you – drinking water may help you live longer.

A new study has concluded that people who are better hydrated appear to live longer and develop fewer chronic diseases.

Researchers looked at health data from 11,225 adults in the U.S.  over 25 years, starting when the subjects were between ages 45 and 66 and following them through ages 70 to 90.  To measure hydration, they looked at the amount of sodium in the blood, which tends to rise when a person isn’t taking in enough fluids.

All participants were within the normal range for sodium, 135-146 millimoles per liter.  But those with levels above 142 (less hydrated) were more likely to age faster physiologically than those with lover levels, as well as more likely to develop chronic conditions such a heart failure, stroke, lung disease and diabetes.    Those with the highest levels also had a 21 percent increased risk of premature death.

The study doesn’t prove causation, as people’s sodium levels can be affected by many factors besides water intake, including diuretics taken for high blood pressure and some neurological conditions.  Still, study author Natalia Dmitrieva of the National Institutes of Health says, “the results suggest that proper hydration may slow down aging and prolong a disease-free life.”

I’m headed off to refill my reusable water bottle right now!

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January 20, 2023

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