Exercise Snacks

Exercise Snacks Here’s a novel New Year’s resolution – Exercise Snacks! I just love this term for adding brief  (and I mean brief – 2 minutes is fine) exercise bursts into your daily routine because […]

Got Arthritis? MOVE!

Got Arthritis?  MOVE! If you have arthritis, one of the best things you can do to maintain joint function is to move. “Moves that specifically target arthritic joints can help you preserve strength and flexibility […]

Power Up!

Power UP! You probably know that strength training is good for you, but guess what?  There’s something even more important than simply working on muscle strength (though that is still important!).  It’s called Power Training.   Power Training […]

Exercise – What’s in it for me?

What comes to mind when you think about the benefits of exercise?  Many of us think “weight loss – if I could just lose that last 10 pounds……”    True, regular exercise can help with weight […]

Squats 101

Even though their name is somewhat mundane, squats are one of my favorite exercises.  Squats are one of the most practical and functional ways of improving your lower body strength, which is key to fall […]

Love Those Lunges!

Lunges are some of the most functional strength training exercises.  Lower body strength is crucial for fall prevention and longevity, and for simply being able to do the things we want to do in everyday […]

Tai Chi – Give it a Try!

Full disclosure – I’m writing about something I know very little about, but I keep reading about the benefits of Tai Chi  for older adults in very reputable publications, so just had to pass this […]

Home Safety Checklist

Home Safety Checklist Floors Clear pathways of furniture. Remove clutter from the floor. Remove low chairs that are difficult to get out of easily. Remove throw rugs or secure with double-sided tape. Coil cords and […]

Don’t Fall For It:  What To Do If You Fall

Unfortunately, despite your best efforts, you still might fall.  If this happens, take a few deep breaths, and lie still for a few moments.  This will give you a chance to get over the initial […]

Don’t Fall for It – Menacing Medications

Here’s  another article in the “Don’t Fall For It” series: – important information about preventing falls.  As an expert in older adult fitness, balance, and fall prevention, my passion is to help older adults thrive.  […]

Don’t Fall For it – DANCE!!!

Did you know that dancing may reduce your risk for falls in older age?  In a study published in JAMA Network Open, (the Journal of the American Medical Association) Sept. 25, 2020, researchers reviewed data […]

Don’t Fall for It – Inner Ear Mysteries Revealed!

  One of the three sensory systems that our bodies use to maintain balance is located in your inner ear, called the vestibular system.  When you turn your head, a fluid sloshes against tiny (microscopic!) […]

Don’t Fall for It – Eyes and Feet!

You might be surprised to learn that your eyes and your feet have a huge impact on your balance.  Here’s why: Your body uses three different sensory systems to maintain balance: Vision – I’m sure […]

Don’t Fall For It – Household Horrors

Here’s  the first in a new series: “Don’t Fall for It” – important information about preventing falls.  As an expert in older adult fitness, balance, and fall prevention, my passion is to help older adults […]