Don’t Fall For It – Household Horrors

Here’s  the first in a new series: “Don’t Fall for It” – important information about preventing falls.  As an expert in older adult fitness, balance, and fall prevention, my passion is to help older adults […]

Happy 4th of July weekend! 

We have much to celebrate! Depending on the weather where you live, this would be a great weekend to take walks or enjoy outdoor activities with your family.  We’re planning a watermelon seed spitting contest […]

Sugar and exercise

Surprisingly Sinful Sugar

Do you remember your parents lecturing  you not to eat too much sugar because it would lead to obesity or dental cavities?  They were right – these health concerns have been scientifically confirmed. But Wait!  […]

Cartoon about lunges

Sue “Summited!”

I was honored to be invited to present a workshop for the Functional Aging Institute  Summit on June 5 & 6. The annual Summit was supposed to take place in Denver but had to be “virtual” […]