Tai Chi – Give it a Try!

Full disclosure – I’m writing about something I know very little about, but I keep reading about the benefits of Tai Chi  for older adults in very reputable publications, so just had to pass this interesting information along to you!  Much of the information in this piece can be found in the September 2019 issue of the IDEA Fitness Journal.

You may have seen people practicing this ancient form of moving meditation, which consists of fluid, continuous, and precisely controlled forms in a specific sequence.  In recent years, study after study has proven the benefits of Tai Chi – especially for older adults!  There have been over 50 systematic studies just since 2010 published in scientific journals that have documented Tai Chi’s value for older adults at risk for falls.

 The main reason that I encourage you to try Tai Chi is because it really does improve balance and enhances cognitive function, and both of these outcomes decrease the risk of falls and boosts overall well-being.

A talented and lovely colleague of mine named Dianne Bailey has a terrific online Tai Chi course www.taichisystem.com.  It’s perfect for beginners.  I highly recommend that you check it out – she offers a 7 day free trial, so why not?  You can also see her on YouTube at www.taichisystem.com.



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