Don’t Fall For it – DANCE!!!

Did you know that dancing may reduce your risk for falls in older age?  In a study published in JAMA Network Open, (the Journal of the American Medical Association) Sept. 25, 2020, researchers reviewed data from 29 trials with healthy participants age 65 and older who took part in ballroom, folk, and line dancing as well as tai chi.  (Tai chi is not technically a “dance,” but it involves flowing, upright movements that are similar to dancing.) The analysis showed a 31 percent reduction in fall risk among the participants.  The benefits may be related to the fact dance-based activities increase lower body strength and require you to shift your body weight as you move – good training for reacting quickly and maintaining your balance if you trip over something.

Dancing has so many benefits!  As I described in another blog, it’s good for the brain, and it’s obviously great for the spirit.  Adding “fall prevention” to the list of benefits should further inspire us to DANCE!

Focus on Healthy Aging

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Volume 2-Number 3

March 2021


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