Don’t Fall For It:  What To Do If You Fall

Unfortunately, despite your best efforts, you still might fall.  If this happens, take a few deep breaths, and lie still for a few moments.  This will give you a chance to get over the initial shock of falling so that you can take inventory.  Are you in pain? Did you hit your head?

If you’re not in pain and don’t think you’ve hit your head, roll over on to your side and rest for a bit – this lets your body and blood pressure adjust, according to the National Institute of Aging.  Next, slowly get up on your hands and knees, and crawl to a stable chair, table, or counter.  You may hold on to one of these objects to pull yourself up.  Sometimes people get dizzy if they go too quickly from lying down to standing, so be slow and deliberate.  If there’s a chair nearby, you can put your hands on the chair and then turn around and immediately sit down on the chair to avoid a second fall from dizziness.  If there is no chair, put your feet in a wide stance when standing, which will help your balance.  Once you are stable, call your doctor.  She or he may want you to come in for an evaluation.

If you’re in pain, have hit your head, or feel dizzy, nauseous, or otherwise sick, don’t move – getting up too quickly could worsen an injury.  Call for help if you can.  If you’re alone and can’t alert anyone or contact 911, you may have to carefully crawl to a phone or door to get help.

I HIGHLY recommend that you wear some sort of alert device – there are so many affordable and practical options available now.  This investment could save your life.

Consumer Reports   On Health    June 2021

Volume 33 Issue 6

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